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Rare coin expert and author, Lawrence D. Goldberg attempted his first coin deal at the ripe old age of seven years old. He spotted an advertisement for a bag of silver dollars being offered by the U.S. Mint at face value. For the mere sum of $1,000, a hefty amount in 1962, he told his father, we can be coin collectors. His father said “No” and at today’s value the coins would be worth $250,000. Not a bad profit.

Over the years Lawrence has become a recognized expert in U.S. Rare Coins and has the passion on finding the perfect coin for a collector. Some call it a gift, others a knack, but the result is always the same; a new coin that delights the collector and most often delivers an enhanced value to the collection.

Like most true experts, Lawrence learned his trade from the bottom up. His first professional job was as an assistant to the buyers for Bowers and Ruddy Galleries in Hollywood, CA in 1981. At the time they were the largest coin dealer in the world. For the next 10 years, Lawrence honed his skill and knowledge through working with several companies, specializing in U.S. Coins. In 1991, Lawrence founded his own firm, Customized Numismatic Portfolios, Inc. and since 2001 has continued sharing his wisdom through his proprietary publication, The Rare Coin Report Newsletter.

In his new book, What Color Are Your Assets, An Insider’s Guide to Rare Coins and Precious Metals, Lawrence shares his 33 years of knowledge, insights and approach to the purchase of rare coins from a coin dealer’s point of view. He teaches both the novice and seasoned collector how a dealer thinks and buys coins that are brought to them every day. The beauty of the book is Lawrence freely shares his true opinions about coins and the assets available to investors in today’s volatile financial markets. Understanding this often underappreciated portable asset and how to build a private and liquid portfolio is step one to creating value from coins. Rare Coins are one of few remaining transactions known only to the buyer and the seller. Based on the principles of free trade as envisioned by our founding fathers, coin collectors quickly realize that only the profits are taxable after a sale.

Whether you have inherited a collection from a relative, are beginning to collect on your own or want that ideal coin to add to your collection, consultations with Lawrence himself are only a phone call away. What you will quickly discover is Lawrence is a trusted ally and guide for the long haul, when it comes to thinking like a collector and buying like an investor.

For more information on Lawrence D. Goldberg and Customized Numismatic Portfolios, Inc. call 800 334-3325